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Marrakech & Essaouira

(a 9 day add on option   to The Sahara and  Chefchaouen)


This 12-day transformational artistic journey is designed for those looking for an adventure of a lifetime with like minded women travelers. No artistic ability is needed as we will be tapping into the artist that is already present in all of us. We will use our sketchbook/journal as our creative talisman as we hold space for new discoveries, empowering experiences and creative adventures. Challenge your comfort zone; it is truly where life begins!!! 



Stephanie and Michelles travel journal pages

NOVEMBER 7th - NOVEMBER 18th 2024

November 7th-14th Marrakech

November 14th-18th Essaouira

Cost: $4800.00 USD - $5600.00 USD

depending on room accommodations ie: shared or private. Deposit of $1500.00 USD is required upon registration. The balance of your retreat will be made in two additional instalments prior to your adventure. 

We are extending the invitation for you to join us on this creative journey of a lifetime in beautiful Morocco!


Its time for your own personal journey!!

You are invited into a sacred space where you can collect your thoughts, and explore your heart. Greet the journal pages with sincerity and allow them to capture your unique light and reflect the essence of your soul. It's more than a collection of images, found objects and words, it's a personal artifact. A journal is a traveler's salve, soothing the commotion of our relentless thoughts by providing a safe container for them. A mindful, sacred space to call your own when travelling, a journal keeps us company. A personal traveling shrine or altar where you commune with only you. Keeping a journal while navigating the discoveries and obstacles that come with travel is a rare and extraordinary opportunity for growth.

"Elsewhere  is a place creativity grows".

about us/our journey

Fine artists Stephanie Danforth and Michelle Guitard, met for the first time at a one month artists residency at Chateau d'Orquevaux in Orquevaux France. They quickly became fast friends while their shared passion for art, travel and intention to empower women, led to their eventual partnering as facilitators for this exceptional Moroccan retreat!  Spending time with women who start out as strangers and rapidly become friends is an unusual experience. But, we've seen it time and time again. Women find themselves and their unique voice while cultivating creative connections through artmaking and travel.   


 “Our dream is that each woman feels seen, known, loved, and leaves with a sense of clarity and desire to begin whatever dream is in her heart.”



"The bond that experiences like these create, have allowed us to work well with each other, play to each other’s strengths and combined experience facilitating womens international art retreats, and also feed off of each other’s creativity and gifts." 


Stephanie and Michelle

2023 retreat Marrakech Moroccco

                                       Michelle Guitard

I'm Michelle, fine art painter, teacher, mentor and retreat facilitator. Living and working in St. George ON Canada. As the owner and operator of Art and Soul Creative, I have been an art instructor and retreat facilitator for 10 years. My passion is to share all of my creative tools and insights, while empowering my students to often rediscover their inner artist by connecting with another culture, with art, with each other and most importantly with ourselves. 


A little more about me.....

30 years ago I completed a Graphic Design degree and furthered my fine art studies at York University and the University of Guelph. My primary focus was painting landscapes, female figures and birds in acrylic on canvas. I earned representation at galleries in Ontario and Alberta. In 2016 I began teaching workshops in my studio and at the Dundas Valley School of Art. My art began to evolve and my creative voice got louder. Running local and international art retreats has influenced my work in a very profound way. It is through creative communities that I have had the priviledge to witness the power and beauty of making art together. Much of my teaching and mentorship involves helping artists of all levels and practices to find their creative voice and establish a more consistent creative practice in their lives.


                                        Stephanie Danforth

Hi there! I'm Stephanie, the first chapter of my life was that of a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner for twenty years. I loved it while it lasted, but art was calling and it was time for a new chapter!

I have been a full time self taught artist for the last 20 years. I live on the island of Martha's Vineyard, MA, (US) and am represented by a gallery here, Knowhere Art ( and my website is: My main medium is oil paint, but I love anything creative, including etched metal, making sculptural angels from found objects, and my first love, watercolors. I believe that being an artist is reflective in the way we live our life. One of my most powerful palettes is that of travel.


A little more about me.... 

I have previously led nine Women's Adventure trips to Morocco in the last ten years. My soul and heart are in love with Morocco, a place where I feel so at home. 

I love sharing the beauty of the people and their country with my fellow travelers. The colors, smells, diverse landscape, foods and the beautiful, sincere smiles of the people have me coming back again and again. Although I have encouraged art on these past trips,  there was so much traveling involved that there was little time to delve into art. While attending a month-long artist residency in France in April of 2023, I realized how much being around other creatives filled me in a way I had never felt before. I realized how much I wanted that to be a part of my life from here on in. I am so excited that this is the first of many art workshops to come! Art and travel, how can you go wrong!

I love helping a person to reengage with their creative self, which might have been tucked away for years or just needs a little push! I love the curiosity, wonder and potential it opens when a person experiences their own creativity. It is a true honoring to create together. The gathering of women is so powerful, you add art into that mix and I do believe you have magic! Please come along on this fantastic journey! 



Marrakech is beautifully chaotic with a rich history dating back over 1,000 years to the days when mighty sultans ruled over the walled city. Today it is home to an incredibly pulsating energy that invites you to wander aimlessly in search of stunning architecture, a cup of sweet mint tea and maybe a spicy Tagine. Aside from being a multi-cultural mecca steeped in diverse history, Marrakech is also an incredibly modern city that embraces contemporary art. Artists flock here from all over Morocco, Africa and the world seeking creative inspiration and some never leave. Now it’s your turn to be inspired and immerse yourself in Morocco’s creative culture. The best way to experience it, is to get lost in the magical labyrinth of streets that comprises the medina –  the old historic part of town with high stone walls. Take a deep breath, then plunge into the exotic maze of streets and passages lined with souks. It’s an explosion of sound, colour and smell. From carpets to spices to antiques – it’s a complete sensory overload. “This city taught me colour. Before that everything was black.”  said legendary French designer Yves Saint Laurent of Marrakech, and his words still resonate with all who visit one of Africa’s most visually arresting cities. It is impossible not to be dazzled by the city’s kaleidoscopic array of crafts and colours: blood-red rugs and kilims, many-hued lanterns, and a polychromatic array of fabrics and leatherwork dyed in rich canary yellows, emerald greens and azure blues. Marrakech is already breaking new ground with Africa’s contemporary art scene and continues to expand its creative wings towards the future. Not surprisingly, the city has long attracted foreign artists. Images of Marrakech’s past take pride of place here, featuring dreamily romanticized visions of the city itself and the wider Maghreb region by artists ranging from Delacroix to long-term local resident Jacques Majorelle .For many visitors, it’s precisely this time-warped, Arabian Nights exoticism which is the source of the city’s enduring fascination.



"It is the coastal wind – the beautifully named alizee, or taros in Berber – that has allowed Essaouira (essa-weera, or es-sweera in Arabic) to retain its traditional culture and character. It is an artsy, bohemian beach town on the southern Atlantic coast of Morocco. Its laid-back vibe makes it a great place to recover from the chaos of the big cities, like Fes and Marrakesh. Known as the ‘Wind City of Africa’, it attracts plenty of windsurfers between April and November.  A portal into the past, opens down Rue de la Sqala, a passageway off Essaouira’s main square, Place Moulay Hassan. Strolling alongside the high battlements, you pass beneath stone arches and ascend a long ramp to reach the city’s most scenic spot: a promenade lined with 18th-century cannons pointing out to sea. The wide walkway and its majestic watchtower offer sublime vistas of the craggy coast and the Purple Islands, where ancient Phoenicians and Romans crushed murex shells to make much-prized violet dyes. Seagulls whirl above and waves crash below. For a moment, time stands still. Wander through the spice-scented lanes and palm-lined avenues of the fortified medina, browse the many art galleries and boutiques, relax in some of the country's best hotels and watch fishing nets being mended and traditional boats being constructed in the hugely atmospheric port. Blue wooden fishing boats haul in the day’s catch and dromedaries roam the beaches. Come evening, the sunset casts its glow on the watchtowers. Surrounded by dramatic, wave-lashed ramparts, the narrow streets, hassle-free souqs, street vendors and vibrant galleries of Essaouira's walled medina make it a wonderful place to stroll. Dating from the late 18th century and added to Unesco’s World Heritage list in 2001, it was famously used in the opening scene of Orson Welles’ 1951 film Othello and, more recently, Game of Thrones."This city is full of wonder and inspiration, it is known as a city of art and artists. It has attracted artists from various backgrounds from far and wide, inspired by the town's light, colours and relaxed atmosphere. In recent years it has become somewhat of an artistic mecca, whose popularity has been consolidated since Frederic Damgaard, a Danish Islamic art enthusiast who took great interest in Essaouiras local farmers' and fishermen's artworks. He encouraged them to continue their artistic endeavours and launched the town's first art gallery in 1988 to bring these artists to international attention. Essaouira is reminiscent of an open air museum boasting art boutiques and galleries dotted throughout the medina, while many local artisans and artists displaying their works along the pavements. Souvenir shops also sell many artists' pieces, and various workshops are open to the public.



This 12 day retreat offers both shared and private rooms. First come first serve.

Cost: $4800.00 USD - $5600.00 USD

depending on room accommodations ie: shared or private. Deposit of $1500.00 USD is required upon registration.

The balance of your retreat will be made in two additional instalments prior to your adventure. 

(8 days 7 nights Marrakech)

A quiet piece of garden in bustling Marrakech

Tucked into the quiet, Northwest corner of the medina, just inside the walls of the old city, Riad Kbour & Chou is a unique luxury oasis of peace and serenity. Our seven-room riad, with its interior garden and courtyard and sunny patio, offers a perfect blend of authentic Morocco and modern class. 

 Each of our rooms is its own unique world, furnished with souvenirs of

a twelve year life in Marrakech.





(4 days 3 nights Essaouira)

An Historic 18th Century Riad in the heart of the ancient Medina of Essaouira, Unesco World Heritage Site in Southern Morocco.

Salut Maroc! has all the character and charm of a Boutique Hotel with magnificent views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the historic ramparts of the old Medina with it's battery of bronze cannons.

A former Merchant's house and later a Consulate building it offers 11 Beautiful bedrooms and suites which have been lovingly created by the owner.

Witness a truly contemporary take on Moroccan Design in a heritage setting, utilising all the Traditional Artisanal skills of the Moroccan craftsmen.

A fusion of Islamic patterns, vibrant colours, and an eclectic mix of Contemporary and Antique furnishings .



We have carefully curated a visual feast! Yves Saint Laurent said it best when he  said "Marrakech, for me , is paradise". Morocco for the late designer was a creatives dream. The city is sensory overload in the best possible way. The spices, architecture, textiles, patterns, carpets, tiles and metal lanterns all lend to the inspiration needed to get those creative juices flowing. Daily journal pages and a unique wooden artifact paint project inspired by a local Berber artist will help us to cultivate new skills and insights into our artistic practice or lack there of! All levels of artistic ability are welcome. Whether you are a beginner or more seasoned artist, this creative retreat will meet you right where you are. You will have access to art making in a designated area in the Riads 24/7.  Marrakech is a city that will stretch your imagination, calm and excite you all at once! A city tour in both the Marrakech and Essaouira, will highlight all of the outstanding spas and restaurants, stunning UNESCO heritage buildings, mosques, generous locals and traditional artisans that have called Morocco home for generations. 



*A list of easily transportable art supplies will be sent to you prior to your retreat. 








Many of our days have been created to allow for in-the-moment ceremonies and rituals, creative time, as well as the choice to meander, rest and nurture oneself on your own. We encourage each woman to truly take good care of her needs and desires and honor that we all have our own flow.


Day 1 Thursday November 7th 

Arrival and orientation

Upon your arrival to the Marakech transportation will be provided from the airport to the Riad Kbour Chou. You will get settled into your accomodation, explore the surrounding area. We will meet for our official orientation and enjoy lovely dinner at local restaurant


Day 2 Friday November 8th

Guided city tour of the Marrakech, lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. Afternoon art workshop, dinner at the Riad.

Breakfast at the Riad, guided tour of Marrakech, lunch at a local restaurant, and then return to our accommodation and enjoy an afternoon of making art, followed by a relaxing dinner at the Riad. 

Day 3 Saturday November 9th 

Art workshop, lunch at Riad, trip to Anima Andre Heller Gardens, dinner at local restaurant.

Breakfast at the Riad, followed by a morning art workshop  We will have lunch at the Riad, then an afternoon field trip to the beautiful Anima Andre Heller Gardens. We will finish the day with dinner out at a local rooftop restaurant to enjoy the sunset.


Day 4 Sunday November 10th

Art workshop, lunch at local restaurant, afternoon at a world class hammam spa to relax and unwind dinner at Riad.

Breakfast at the Riad, followed by an art workshop in the morning. We will have lunch at a local restaurant, then off to a local world class hammam. This day is designed to pamper and provide pure relaxation! The hammams' spa services include the ancient traditions of body scrubs, oils and massages while creating a modern spa experience. We will return to our Riad later in the day to enjoy a dinner, along with an artist talk with the owner and designer of Riad Kbour Chou in the evening.  

Day 5 Monday November 11th

Art workshop, lunch at the Riad, half day cooking workshop includes our dinner.

Breakfast at the Riad followed by morning art workshop. After a delicious lunch at the Riad we will indulge in the spirit of delicious Moroccan cuisine with a cooking workshop. We will then enjoy the fruits of our labour as we dine together! We will then return to our Riad for an evening to relax, connect and reflect on a fabulous day.

Day 6 Tuesday November 12th

Visit to beautiful Bacha Coffee, wander the streets of Marrakech, trip to Setti Fatma, art workshop outdoors, dinner at local restaurant.

Breakfast at the Riad, then a walk to local coffee shop (a must see) and time wandering the souks and local streets of the Marrakech. We will return to the Riad later that morning to board our transportation to Setti Fatma. We will enjoy a delicious lunch, sketch and paint on site at Setti Fatma for the afternoon, then return for dinner to a local restaurant. 

Day 7 Wednesday November 13th

Art workshop, lunch at a local restaurant, free afternoon, farewell dinner.

Breakfast at Riad, then art workshop. The afternoon is yours to enjoy a lunch of your choice in the medina, shop the souks, wander the streets or relax at the Riad to make more art as you sit on the rooftop with your Morrocan tea. We will meet back at the Riad for our farewell dinner and an evening of sharing our art and insights of our magical week in the Marrakech.

Day 8 Thursday November 14th 

Breakfast, travel to Essaouira, arrival dinner at our new Riad Salut Morac.

After our breakfast, we say farewell to Riad Kbour Chou, and continue our journey to Essaouira. The beautiful coastal town situated on the Atlantic Ocean. We can enjoy the Moroccan landscape and a lunch stop, as we make our way to our Riad Salut Morac. This historic, 18th century Riad, in the heart of the ancient Medina of Essaouira, Unesco World Heritage Site in Southern Morocco. Witness a truly contemporary take on Moroccan Design in a heritage setting, utilizing all the traditional artisanal skills of the Moroccan craftsmen. A fusion of Islamic patterns, vibrant colours, and an eclectic mix of contemporary and antique furnishings. Upon arrival we will get settled and enjoy a stunning dinner on the Riads famous rooftop overlooking the Atlantic. 

Day 9 Friday November 15th 

Guided city tour, lunch in the local town, dinner at the Riad, artist talk.

We begin our day at the Riad for a lovely breakfast. We then meet our knowledgeable guide, who will take us on a tour through the streets and ports of Essaouira. This city is full of wonder and inspiration, it is known as a city of art! We will enjoy a lunch at a local restaurant, then return to the Riad for an afternoon of journalling and relaxing. Dinner will be served at the Riad rooftop and we will also have the privilege of meeting Helen the designer and owner of Salut Morac. Her story of how this uniquely stunning property came to fruition is an inspiring one!

Day 10 Saturday November 16th

Exciting art project/workshop, lunch at Riad, dinner at a local restaurant. 

Breakfast is served with an ocean view, followed by an introduction to a special art project. We are very excited to have a local Berber artist join us to talk about his pieces that are currently displayed at Salut Morac. These pieces are hand painted on old wooden Morrocan artifacts. We will learn about his process and each of us will paint our own wooden artifact as a special art project (not to worry, these wooden artifacts are easily transportable for your trip home). Lunch will be served at the Riad, followed by dinner at local restaurant. 

Day 11 Sunday November 17th

Art workshop, free afternoon, farewell dinner.

Breakfast at Riad, then art workshop in the morning. The rest of the day is yours to explore the city streets, shops, galleries and lunch at a local eatery. Upon arrival back to the Riad we will enjoy a farewell dinner and evening of sharing and reflection. 

Day 12 Monday November 18th

Breakfast, transportation back to airport.

We begin the day with breakfast at the Riad, followed by transportation to airport. 

*this itinerary is subject to change 





What Does The Cost Cover?

  • Lodging for 11 nights, 12 days at two beautiful Riad’s in both Marrakech and Essaouira

  • Intimate group of women including Stephanie and Michelle

  • Airport transportation to and from the Riad’s.

  • Daily Art Workshops with Stephanie and Michelle 

  • Gourmet cooking class and dinner with local chef

  • Delicious fresh, local  meals prepared by Riad’s staff. This includes all breakfasts, 3 lunches,  2 farewell dinners (one at each Riad) 

  • Artist talks with owners designers of Riads and local Berber artist 

  • Two city walking tours in Marrakech and Essaouira 

  • Entrance fees to museums and gardens.

What is Not Covered in the Cost?

  • Your airfare is not included in the cost.

  • Any meals not included (see above) or alcoholic beverages. Expect to pay$20 USD on average for lunch and $30 USD (depending on the restaurant) per dinner.

  • Anything you buy in the markets or on various trips will not be covered, as well as any extra tours or excursions that you choose during your free time.


Do I Need Travelers Insurance?

We highly recommend it.

 How Much Money Should I Bring For Spending?

That is totally personal and depends on how much shopping you plan to do. ATM's are available to you and credit cards are taken at some major retailers and most restaurants.  You will use mainly Dirhams which equal 10 Dirhams to 1 USD and there are many ATMs around Marrakech and Essaouira, making it very easy to access Dirhams. 

Do I Have to Share a Room?

The Riads offer the feel of an intimate vacation home. Some pricing options do involve sharing rooms, however in our experience the sharing of rooms has led to closer bonds, and contributed to a sense of community that adds value to the experience. 

​How Do I Get To an From the Airport and Riad?

We will book your transportation to and from International Airport.

What Airport Do I Fly Into?

When booking your flight please fly into Marrakech Menara International Airport.  We recommend booking your flights at least 90 days before the beginning of the retreat.

What Will the Weather be Like?

Average temperature for Marrakech Morocco in November are 23 degrees/11 degrees C or 73 degrees/52 degrees F. Very little rain, however be prepared to check the weather in Marrakech prior to your departure. 

How Should I Dress?

When planning what to wear in Marrakech think casual with light layers for the changing  weather.  The city is best explored on foot, so opt for comfortable shoes, sneakers or sandals. Plan outfits that will work for exploring but will also be nice enough for a relaxed dinner/lunch in town.

Do I Need to Bring Anything Special?

We recommend that you bring an extra bag (a collapsible duffel) to bring home your goodies you have collected on our shopping trips. Marrakech is known for its artisan markets, souks and handcrafts, which creates an exciting shopping environment. 

Sounds Fun but I Am Not An Artist, Is the Retreat Still For Me?

 “I’m not an artist, that’s not for me,” because there is one thing I know with absolute certainty: we all come into this world with the instinct to create and we are all artists by nature. An art retreat is for everyone because it’s not about creating beautiful art (though you’ll do that, too!) but about exploring our creativity and breaking down the disconnect between our desire to create and taking action. For the most part, the things that hold us back from creating are things like fear of failure, imposter syndrome, guilt, shame, trauma, and simply not trusting our creative vision. Learning to conquer self-doubt will help you with art but, more importantly, it will ripple through every aspect of your life so that you feel happier, confident, self-assured, and inspired to accomplish whatever it is your heart is set on! 

I have dietary restrictions, will there be anything for me to eat?

Yes, the Riads and local restaurants can accommodate any restrictions. Prior communication of these needs can be helpful.

Do You Offer Refunds? What is your cancellation policy?

1. All monies including deposit are non refundable based on planning, bookings, logistics and marketing costs. 

2. Full balance due 2 months before start date of retreat unless otherwise noted. 

3. In case of natural disasters or world events beyond our control,  we as the facilitators need to cancel and reschedule the retreat. Your monies will be held and your retreat will be scheduled for a future date. 


*No one books a retreat with the intention of cancelling it, but unexpected events do occur, so please consider purchasing travel insurance and that is  your responsibility to read and understand our cancellation policies. Exceptions cannot be made for any reason, including weather, injury, illness, or personal emergencies. No refunds or credits for failure to attend or failure to complete the retreat, or for arriving late of leaving early. We recommend that you purchase your own travel insurance. We encourage you to purchase trip cancellation insurance in order that your trip fees will be covered should you or your family have a medical problem prior to your trip or while on the trip. Trip insurance should also be purchased to cover medical expenses in the event you have an accident while on retreat. Most travel insurance must be purchased within 14 days of making your reservation. We cannot be held responsible for any personal expenses, such at airline tickets due to changes in itineraries or retreat cancellations.  



MORE FAQs  DO I NEED EXPERIENCE IN ART TO ATTEND? “I’m not an artist, that’s not for me,” because there is one thing I know with absolute certainty: we all come into this world with the instinct to create and we are all artists by nature. An art retreat is for everyone because it’s not about creating beautiful art (though you’ll do that, too!) but about exploring our creativity and breaking down the disconnect between our desire to create and taking action. For the most part, the things that hold us back from creating are things like fear of failure, imposter syndrome, guilt, shame, trauma, and simply not trusting our creative vision. Learning to conquer self-doubt will help you with art but, more importantly, it will ripple through every aspect of your life so that you feel happier, confident, self-assured, and inspired to accomplish whatever it is your heart is set on!  CAN I MAKE MY PAYMENTS IN INSTALMENTS? Yes absolutely. Your deposit of $1500.00 is due upon registration. You can then divide the balance of your retreat into two payments. IS MARRAKECH SAFE FOR TOURISTS? Marrakech is an excellent destination for tourists. Your retreat facilitator Stephanie Danforth, has travelled Morroco extensively. She has taking groups of women to the Marrakech for over a decade.  It’s renowned for its historical sites, bustling markets, unique cuisine, and vibrant culture, offering visitors a unique and immersive travel experience. Like any other country or city, it is important to be aware of your surroundings.  PHOTOGRAPHY IN MARRAKECH The sights and colors of Marrakech can be irresistible to photographers but before you start snapping away nonstop be aware that many people in Marrakech are not open to having their picture, or pictures of their products, taken. In fact, I saw several signs in the souks requesting no photography. The main thing is to ask permission to take pictures and be respectful if the answer is no. BE PREPARED TO HAGGLE Haggling is an essential part of the shopping experience in Morocco. Don’t be afraid to walk away if the vendor does not agree to a final price you are comfortable with. JAMMA EL FNA When night falls Marrakech’s main square comes alive in what’s some call the greatest show on Earth. One of North Africa’s oldest and busiest market squares it is home to a dizzying array of dancers, magicians and storytellers vying for your attention (and dirham) as well as food vendors hawking a variety of Moroccan specialties. RELIGION Islam is the official state religion of Morocco, you will hear the call to prayer ring throughout the city 5 times per days and in general non-Muslims are not allowed inside mosques. Friday is the Muslim day of prayer and you may find some businesses and restaurants closed. MINT TEA IN MOROCCO Whether served as a sign of welcome, sipped during a business transaction or enjoyed as a way to unwind in the afternoon mint tea is central to life in Marrakech. A blend of green tea and fresh mint it is traditionally served very sweet. WHAT IS THE CURRENCY IN MOROCCO? The Moroccan currency is the Dirham. There are plenty of ATMs all over the city. DO I NEED A VISA TO TRAVEL TO MARRAKECH? Good news if you are planning for exotic last minute holidays. You do not need a VISA for our proposed duration of your stay in Morocco. No additional period of validity beyond this is required. WHAT TEMPERATURES CAN I EXPECT WHEN I AM GOING TO MARRAKECH? For the month of November the average temperatures are 23 degrees/11 degrees. Check the weather prior to departure to confirm. CAN I USE MY MOBILE PHONE IN MARRAKECH? Morocco has an excellent modern mobile phone infrastructure which also supports 4G and data roaming. However it is advisable to check charges with your mobile provider before using your phone extensively to avoid unpleasant surprises. HOW DO I GET AROUND THE MEDINA? A very good way to explore the Marrakech old town (Medina) is on foot. Most of the streets are teeming with life; pedestrians, cyclists, donkeys and carts, motorbikes with a few cars and delivery vehicles on the larger thoroughfares. In general pedestrians keep to the right and wheeled vehicles whiz up and down the middle- consequently it is not a good idea to walk slowly down the middle of the street looking down at a map! We suggest google maps or citymapper. WHAT IS THE DRESS CODE IN MOROCCO? Morocco is an Islamic country which welcomes tourists who are sensitive to local tradition. Shorts and short sleeve tops are fine as long as they are not too revealing. It is not sensible for women to wear clothes that reveal too much cleavage. Comfortable shoes – there is plenty of walking to be done in Marrakech, so its recommend a few pairs of comfy shoes. The streets in Marrakech are not the smoothest to walk along, so keep this in mind when packing A secure shoulder bag – you really need to be careful of pickpockets – particularly in crowded tourist hotspots –  a crossbody bag for storing my valuables which was super helpful. Make sure it can zip, and internal pockets. IS MARRAKECH AN EXPENSIVE CITY? Compared to many Western cities, Marrakech is generally more affordable. However, prices can vary widely depending on the area, type of establishment, and the level of luxury you opt for. WHAT LANGUAGE TO THEY SPEAK? In Marrakech, the primary languages spoken are Moroccan Arabic (Darija) and Tamazight (Berber). However, due to tourism, French and English are also commonly spoken in many areas. IS THERE ALCOHOL IN MOROCCO? Yes, alcohol is available in Marrakech, primarily in hotels, bars, and some restaurants. However, public consumption is frowned upon due to the predominance of Islam, the state religion. Morocco offers a variety of traditional alcoholic drinks that are popular among locals and visitors. Here are some typical Moroccan alcoholic beverages: Moroccan Wine: Morocco has a flourishing wine industry, producing a range of red, white, and rosé wines. The country is known for its vineyards in regions like Meknes, Casablanca, and the Atlas Mountains. Mint Tea with a Twist: While not a traditional alcoholic drink, a popular Moroccan twist involves adding a splash of spirits like vodka, rum, or whiskey to the traditional mint tea, creating a refreshing and unique cocktail. Casablanca Beer: Casablanca Beer is one of Morocco’s most well-known beer brands. It is a light and refreshing lager that is commonly enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Mahia: Mahia is a traditional Moroccan spirit made from figs or dates. It has a distinct flavor and is often consumed as a digestive after meals or during special occasions. Moroccan Cocktails: Moroccan mixologists have developed unique cocktails inspired by local flavors and ingredients. These can include combinations of fresh fruits, spices, and herbs, resulting in refreshing and flavorful drinks. IS IT SAFE TO WALK AROUND ALONE AT NIGHT? The Medina of Marrakech is probably safer than a European City. There is a specialist Tourist Brigade police force whose duty it is to protect foreign visitors. IS THE TAP WATER SAFE TO DRINK? Bottled water is recommended and can be purchased from many kiosks and stalls around the Medina. FOOD IN MARRAKECH? The food is a feast for all the senses. The souks are lined with rows of sweet oranges, plump dates and countless varieties of olives while the air is heavy with the scent of intensely fragrant spices from the spice market.  Gently spiced shakshuka (eggs cooked in a gently spiced tomato sauce) and spongy Moroccan pancakes are a must for breakfast. You can’t leave Marrakech without  having a tagine; a stew, usually with chicken, lamb, beef or vegetables cooked and served in a clay pot of the same name. Eating is one of the best ways to experience Marrakech. Some favorites were sfenj ( a fried doughnut drizzled with intensely floral honey), msemen (fried bread either served plain or stuffed with spices, meat or cheese),  and tanjia (succulent lamb slow roasted in clay pots for hours in underground ovens). ​WHAT IS THE CONVENTION REGARDING TIPPING? Tipping is a part of every-day life in Morocco. We are often asked for guidelines about gratuities.  These suggestions are based on our experience of general practice here in Marrakech. Cafes: It is polite to leave two or three dirhams if you are having a coffee or soft drink. Restaurants: 5-10% is considered appropriate or generous. Your facilitators will look after other gratuities. ARE THERE PHARMACIES IN MARRAKECH, MOROCCO? There are a number of excellent pharmacies in Marrakech both in the Medina and in the new town of Guiliez. Common medication and toiletries are readily available including many leading western brands. Moroccan pharmacists can prescribe and immediately supply some medications, for example antibiotics. WHAT IS THE ELECTRICAL VOLTAGE IN MARRAKECH, WHAT TYPE OF PLUGS DO THEY HAVE? The voltage is 210 and they use a standard European two round pin plug? IS MARRAKECH AN ISLAMIC CITY? Yes, Marrakech is an Islamic city. As one of the major cities in Morocco, it holds deep Islamic traditions and influences. The majority of the population in Marrakesh practices Islam, and the city is home to many beautiful mosques, such as the famous Koutoubia Mosque. Islamic customs and traditions are prevalent throughout the city, adding to its rich cultural heritage and religious significance. DOES MARRAKECH HAVE AN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT? Yes, Marrakech has an international airport. Marrakech airport called Marrakech menara airport serves as the main airport for the city, offering both domestic and international flights. It provides convenient access for travelers from various parts of the world, connecting Marrakesh to numerous destinations globally.

1."To be lead to this most magical place in a manner that only a true insider can execute. The colours, warmth of the people, the mystery of the culture that no travel company can provide. Get ready for a life changing experience!"

2."Morocco is magical. Stephanie as our guide and trip planner put together an adventure that was the perfect mix of exploration, surprises, beauty, art and laughter. I felt safe, well taken care of and had a blast! Just go!"

3."I had long dreamt of travelling to Morocco and my trip last year, exceeded my expectations. I fondly remember shopping the souks of Marrakech, riding in a camel caravan at sunset in the Sahara and especially the beauty and kindness of the Moroccan people. I highly recommend going if you have the chance. I look forward to returning."

4."I couldn't have asked for anyone or anything better! Every aspect of our experience was absolutely fabulous!

​They couldn't have done more to please us, and to accommodate our individual needs.

​Thank you so much!"

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